Thursday, February 02, 2012

NBC News Tells Women to Avoid "Suffering" a Pregnancy, Get a "Termination Kit."

And the march toward classifying pregnancy as a disease to be cured continues...
NBC News Tells Women to Avoid "Suffering" a Pregnancy, Get a "Termination Kit."

Just another reminder that a contracepting culture is an aborting culture, especially given that a woman's chance of getting pregnant while on the pill is 70% over 10 years.

But what else could we expect from a liberal media in a country of sexual bulimics?


Kevin said...

Dr. Keri Peterson did appear to stammer when bringing up "Termination Kits", which may be telling, at least of her awareness of walking into criticism.

If only we could figure out what causes pregnancy, people wouldn't have to suffer so! ;-)

"sexual bulimia" is an apt term for it -- an insatiable appetite, just as we might want to eat food without all of its natural side-effects.

almacigatree said...

These times are controversial times. Abortion and birth control are the them that the GOP has been discussing.

Why was abortion legalized? Why was so much research spent on birth control and why was it legalized? Those are the questions we have to ask and make public because the young American voter was not there 50 years ago when it was necessary to stop the carnage.

The GOP makes the argument that babies are being indiscriminately killed by unscrupulous doctors. Which of course it is not true. Abortion is a medical procedure. I am not diminishing the value of life or the moral dilemma that abortion brings. But, we all were given free will, which makes it a matter of choice.

If we make abortion illegal, will that stop the “killing of babies”? To know the answer we have to go back to the time in which abortion was illegal. Lets go back to the pictures of old cases where young women and babies were found killed just by a coat hanger. A young woman, not able to face the stigma of pregnancy before marriage would choose to abort on her own by using a coat hanger to puncture her uterus in order to abort.

We cannot have it both ways. We can either say we want both to die or we can save just one. Those women who will look to abort will be daughters, granddaughters, sisters. We will have to accept the guilt their death will bring. As a God created person and a believer that God holds life precious I am pro-life. Meaning I will always choose and will always counsel any person to pass life onward. But as a conscientious voter who is faced with the question whom to vote for I will vote for those who are pro choice. Because I rather see the woman alive, than to have on my conscience the death of both, woman and baby.

I find it is ignorant on the part of the voter to choose on the basis of party lines in this matter. And I find it criminal on the part of legislators to create publicity and play to the emotions of a believing public to gain political advantage over another candidate.