Friday, May 18, 2012

Obama Births Birthers?

So, Obama himself appears to have likely pulled an Elizabeth Warren and in the process given birth to the birther movement. His publicist used the "born in Kenya" story in his biographical sketches for 16 years, until a month after Obama declared his candidacy for POTUS.

I find it ironic and more than a little funny that the biggest nutjobs in the conservative movement have bought a liberal lie so fully; hook, line and sinker. This is perfect material to use when one runs into that crazy conservative uncle. It's one thing to tell an extremist they're wrong; it's another to laugh at them for being so fooled by a lie originating with the very politician they so despise. Suckers!

Of course, if the crazies can spot that something just doesn't add up, why did it take the MSM so long to report on it? Oh, yeah, their hand was forced by Andrew Brietbart, posthumously.

This story is so good, you couldn't make it up if you tried. Well, at least I couldn't. I'm a terrible story teller. But I bet I'm not alone in not seeing this coming. I figured Obama may have lied on his law school application or something like that (politicians are not the most honest folk and those records have never been released). I never imagined that something this obvious would escape the attention of our erstwhile fourth estate. The guy was campaigning to be the the most prominent leader in the world, for crying out loud. Bar none. How could they miss it?