Friday, February 26, 2010

Tempora Christiana

Since last year I've been meaning to post about my friend Scott's blog: Tempora Christiana

His eclectic tastes bring forth some interesting topics related to history, politics, and religion. I periodically object and we've had some good discussions. Please join in if it interests you!


Getting Things Done Better

The busier I am the more interested I become in efficiency.

I've known about Getting Things Done (GTD) for a while, but it always seemed like too much work. Then I lose track of a couple of ToDos and I suddenly take a renewed interest in capturing and planning everything. :)

Likewise for Some Techniques for Learning by Connections. It's kind of a verbose article, but the list of techniques are a good reminder and make sense to me, so I thought I'd share them.

Of course, now I'm blogging about doing things rather than doing them, so off I go. :)


update: P.S. if you have any tips or techniques for getting things done, please mention it! Thanks. :)