Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Obama Groupie: "Amurica. Fuck ya!"

If you hadn't noticed, a photo of a student in a Colorado bar went viral yesterday. The gal has the most hilarious look on her face.

I looked through a couple more images in her Twitter feed and one with an American flag caught my eye. However, boy was I surprised by the caption. "Amurica. Fuck ya!"
It can be found on Twitter at the following link until she decides to take it down.!/Madloid55/media/slideshow? Really?!?! The Obama student fanboy picture that goes viral features a viciously anti-American "pro student." Count me as someone who's not impressed with many of the folks this President attracts. Of course, nobody in the media would report something like this. Probably because that's the industry with the highest percentage of ignorant Obama groupies.