Sunday, July 26, 2009

Quote of the Day

"Sometimes I think we're such a dumb species, we don't deserve to survive on this planet."
Ellen Silbergeld, PhD (or was it necessary to add that last bit)

Ironically, I agree with the first phrase often-times, and think she's probably onto something with the research on drug-resistent bacteria. It's the "we don't deserve to survive on this planet" bit that makes me shake my head at the arrogance of some professors.



Kevin said...

I haven't read it all yet, but it looks like an interesting article, MB, thanks!

I agree with you. I assume Silbergeld's comment is just hyperbole to scare people, which itself is an arrogant and somewhat dubious strategy.

While it might seem like she's including herself in the "dumb species," I think she's basically saying, "I'm right, you're wrong, and you are going to kill us all!" -- because, relative to other species, we're not dumb, and what we deserve is either defined by what we get (her prediction thereof) or some sort of moral framework which I don't think she provides.

But... she's right to a some extent, which complicates matters. :) Reminds me a bit of AGW.


MamasBoy said...


Pardon my ignorance. What is AGW?


Kevin said...

Sorry, MB! :)

AGW = Anthropogenic Global Warming.

While there's some validity to the concern of AGW, there's also hyperbole galore intended to seriously scare people. It's not at all clear to me that such scare tactics are justified.