Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Swastika--call CPS!

Here's an article about a mother whose children were removed because she helped her daughter draw a swastika on her arm and had white pride symbols in the home.

To me, this seems like a dangerous abuse of CFS authority. Although I disagree with the family's beliefs, I think they should be allowed to teach them to their children. As long as they are not abusing their children or causing them to participate in a crime, they have every right to teach their children whatever they believe.



Kevin said...

I agree with you. The neo-Nazi indoctrination is probably harmful, but securing freedoms come with such potential costs. The difficulty is determining the point at which the costs outweigh the value of freedom.

It looks like Volokh has some other links on the case: Alleged Neo-Nazi's Kids Taken. Eugene's boundary seems to be "imminent danger of physical harm, such as when a religious practice leads parents to refuse to treat their children's illnesses". That is actually a difficult one for me.

Another example taken from a VC comment is what if the parent were tattooing their child with swastikas? I still wouldn't intervene but it makes me wonder about how we should define "abuse".

I wonder if Canada's hate speech laws would apply against those displaying swastikas?


MamasBoy said...

I agree with Kevin and PK. As bad as being teaching one's kids racist ideas is, it isn't child endangerment. That is a slippery slope. What's next, pulling kids from homes of parents who teach them that homosexuality is inherently disordered? Canadian authorities have already prosecuted people who have written essays espousing that idea. Regulating which ideologies people can hold and still be parents is dangerous precedent.


Douglas said...

The mother recently had her newborn removed as well. They claim that there were "claims of domestic violence," but the timing is suspicious and one would hope that they have something more damning than a simple unattributed "claim" at this stage. The children were first removed from their parent's home in 2009.