Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Sarah on Parenting

As my way of welcoming Sarah to this discussion of ours, I figured I'd link to an excellent discussion she started on her own blog. The nature of good parenting, and in particular what part discipline should play in that parenting, has been an active discussion in my own household for a few months now. Sarah frames the question well, and has already generated some interesting discussion.

Welcome, Sarah! We're glad to have you around.



Sarah said...


Sarah said...

Hey, btw, my contact is if you guys wanted to discuss those other topics further via email... or not. Whatever, just thought I'd make it an available option to you since I decided to remove the political stuff from my blog... Thanks!

Kevin said...


I am sorry to see our ongoing conversations just disappear so abruptly (and a bit sorry I spent as much time on them :)), though I understand your concerns. I posted a response on your announcement "Word to the Wise".

Thanks for your invitation to continue our discussions in private. I had been working on a couple of responses which I may send. I'll have to gather the pieces of our conversation I might have. But somehow it just seems more valuable with more participants, probably due to the wider array of perspectives and knowledge we would be exposed to.

The topic of privacy on the net is a fascinating topic, and I am curious if my blogmates have any thoughts. Perhaps I'll pose it in a new thread to see.