Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Welcome to this new group discussion blog!

A few years ago, I started a small personal blog on Xanga. I posted random thoughts and observations, and over time a small community developed. It became a discussion room, a place where I could raise a sticky question or difficult issue that interested me, and get feedback and ideas from a variety of different perspectives. I had grown weary of the vitriol that so often accompanies disagreement over sensitive topics, and it was wonderfully refreshing have a small group of people to discuss things with who would interact with respect and humility.

Our core group, who regularly interacted on a variety of topics, have now decided to start this new group blog specifically for that purpose. We can all pose new questions or lead the discussion in new directions, and our blog may reach a wider audience. We would love to have an even wider variety of viewpoints and ideas in our discussions. If you value respectful, thoughtful discussion the way we do, please join in!


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